IMG_6146 - Copia“On the very top of the Mountain”! It is up there, on the Falisco Hill, that Montefiascone is located, in an enviable position from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. Your sight may in fact range from the crater basins of Lake Bolsena and the cultivated fields of the Valley Perlata, the Cimini mountains, the hills of Tolfa, the Argentario, and the city of Viterbo.

Rocca dei PapiHere many Popes, kings and ambassadors have passed and stayed during the centuries, because up here had its seat the rector of the Patrimony of St. Peter and many popes loved spending their summer here, making also substantial changes to the building over time. Inside the remaining rooms of the  fortress of the Popes is now housed the Museum of the architecture of Atonio da San Gallo the Younger, the great Renaissance architect who embellished the castle with an arcade.

Taking a walk into the valley you’ll meet the cathedral dedicatSanta Margheritaed to Santa Margherita, with its huge dome, the third largest in Italy, designed by Carlo Fontana. Keeping on, you’ll find then in the picturesque town square and, after crossing the Corso Cavour and leaving the walled town through Porta di Borgo, you’ll reach the church of San Flaviano, a jewel of Romanesque-Gothic architecture, dedicated to the Roman martyr Flavian. Inside here is located the tombstone of John Fugger or Defuk, dignitary of Augusta died in 1113, to whom the famous legend giving the name to the D.O.C. wine Est! Est!! Est !!! is linked to.chiesa san flaviano

And speaking of wine, if you switch from Montefiascone, I would say that a visit to one of the historical wine cellars dug into the volcanic tuff is mandatory. And you also can book wine tastings, where the aroma and flavor of wine are enhanced by the combination with excellent local food!

So what are you waiting for, contact me for more details and to arrange a guided tour!