Roman roadThe naturalistic archaeological park of Vulci, in the heart of Maremma, between Canino and Montalto di Castro, offers visitors a unique cultaral and landscape experience.

mithraeumCrossing it and enjoying the monumental remains of the Etruscan-Roman town, you’ll be whisked back in time, in a context that already in the nineteenth century surprised the great travelers, and that is testimony of the splendor and grandeur that this city had in the past. The remains of the massive defensive walls, the domus of cryptoporticus, the mithraeum, are the focal points of this fascinating place, where nature is matched by archeology, offering spectacular views, as the pond Pellicone, formed by the river Fiora
Pond Pelliconeand not surprisingly used as a film set by directors like Benigni, Bellocchio and Michelangelo Antonioni.


You can combine a visit of Vulci to that of the necropolis of Tarquinia or to a visit to some local oil mill, where you can taste the the extra vergin olive oil DOP Canino.